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Semi-Trailer Supplier

Ervin Equipment USA is your semi-trailer supplier. We want to be the semi-trailer supplier that you can turn to, whether you are a hauling company needing more semi-trailers, or a new heavy duty truck owner looking for a semi-trailer to do some hauling on your own. Ervin Equipment is here to be the semi-trailer supplier you’ll ever need. For a semi-trailer supplier that you can trust, you don’t have to look far. Ervin Equipment is THE semi-trailer supplier, and we know what is right for you.

There are a number of semi-trailer suppliers, but Ervin Equipment makes sure that we are a semi-trailer supplier who makes things simple for you. Learning to buy a proper trailer is much different than the process that you went through to buy your truck or personal vehicle. One of the things that a semi-trailer supplier should know is function. Knowing what to haul, where to haul and how much to haul are important questions that a semi-trailer supplier should know the answers to. Many semi-trailer suppliers know this but Ervin Equipment goes the extra mile in everything to be the top semi-trailer supplier among the rest.

Because we are a semi-trailer supplier, Ervin Equipment would also like to be the ones to assist with your semi-trailer sales, helping you to createyour fleet of semi-trailers. If you’re looking to sell your used semi-trailers, always remember that Ervin Equipment is the best semi-trailer supplier, and can get top dollar for your semi-trailers.

Semi-Trailer Suppliers that You Can Trust.

As semi-trailer suppliers who embrace technology, we dedicate our time to updating our online inventory of semi-trailers for sale. We are online semi-trailer suppliers that have the latest line of semi-trailers that are available for sale. On the ground now are our new Wabash 2012 Duraplates complete with Air Rides, Swing Doors, Aluminum Roofs, and Logistic Posts. When it comes to semi-trailer suppliers, no one does it like Ervin Equipment.

Being large semi-trailer suppliers, we also have three hundred units of 2005-2006 models of Wabash Duraplates, Stricks, 2004 Hyundai’s, and Great Danes. We are dedicated to being the top semi-trailer supplier, that we have earlier models for those who are in a budget. We have 1999 Trailmobiles, and earlier Wabash Duraplates as part of our semi-trailer sales.

We also have Stoughton & Monon Chassis if you’re in need of one. Ervin Equipment USA is staffed by the best semi-trailer suppliers in town.